Currently, Chip Index offers a variety of useful tools and product for the semiconductor and technology professional. These products include our FREE Franchised Part Search featuring the real-time stock listing of more than twenty different Franchised distributors. This search is meant to give the user a quick snapshot in to the market of board-level components so they may compare price and availability among many sources. 

Chip Index also offers two types of Industry Reports for professionals in the Semiconductor and Technology Sector: 

Chip Index's FREE Monthly Newsletter contains a variety of information beneficial to procurement agents, distributors, and manufacturer's representatives. This report details product trends, inventory availability market-wide, and an array of additional news to help keep you as informed as possible. Furthermore, our FREE Monthly Newsletter contains details of what parts are in demand and what products are in short supply. 

Secondly, our one of a kind C.I. Reports are published once a week and provide greater insight in to the Semiconductor and Technology Market. Our C.I. Reports feature detailed product information and analysis, a review of the industry as a whole, articles of interest to the technology professional, and much more. Additionally, our C.I. Reports feature extensive analysis of product trends including a substantial, listing and analysis of product demand, allocation, and availability. 

For anyone who works with, procures, or distributes board-level components, our C.I. Reports are a must read to stay on top of this ever-changing industry. For more information about our C.I. Reports, please click here  to go to C I Reports.